KeMU FC 2015. Where Are They Now?

By Hillary Mukasa

kemu in superleague 2015
Undisputed Heroes: KeMU FC 2015

In 2015 KeMU FC is best remembered for a decent display in the FKF Super league and reaching the KUSA finals in JOOUST Bondo only to lose to KU on post-match penalties.  In the Super League they provided excellent competition to teams such as Police, Green Berets, Administration Police, Kangemi All Stars and Coast Stima. The scholars never disappointed their fans.  In the KUSA finals both KeMU men and women football teams reached the finals and we had to look in the sky and thank the Good Lord for performing optimally. This article features the players who made it happen and where they are.


Bing a successful goalkeeper is not like playing the lottery. It needs a lot of sacrifice.

Frankline Mwenda

The most important player in the team for his magnificent saves propelled the team o the KUSA finals. Mwenda had soft hands while collecting the ball and being strong hands when needing to punch the ball away. He had good hands. After leaving KeMU and graduating he joined Oserian FC in the Super league. His next landing was at Vihiga United where he justified his super role. He later moved to KPL side Nakumatt FC now Mount Kenya United.

Reuben Juma

The well-built goalkeeper with excellent communication skills was key in KeMU FC wonderful performance in the 2015 FKF Super league. After KeMU FC he joined Sofapaka’s Batoto ba Mungu.

Julius Odanga

The most capped KeMU goalkeeper. Odanga played an outstanding role in the elevation of KeMU FC from grass root levels to greater heights. His quick reflexes and ability to cover angles was crucial in qualification of KeMU to the FKF Division on league in the mini league in Machakos in 2014 and was an important figure between the posts in the 2015 Super league.  Currently he plays his football in Meru and a goalkeeper trainer at Bidii Sports Academy.

Emmanuel Eipa

Featured for KeMU in East Africa University Games in Uganda in 2014 and 2016 in JKUAT. Good in one on one situation and good reflexes. He is currently playing for Nanyuki combined.

Kennoly Makusa

Makusa was great in communicating to his players during the game. He ensured that defenders marked marauding strikers appropriately. His greatest strength was supreme confidence and a great motivator in the team. He had a celebrity status and was more of a pop star musician who led the team into singing as a way of self-motivation before matches. He was based at the Nairobi campus. Currently he is currently full time in music production.


Enock Ojwan’g Ojode

Was a kingpin in defense and very strong in the air and one on one challenges. He is currently playing for Administration Police in the Super league.

Michael “Alaba” Odongo

Started training with KeMU while in form 3 at Muslim school in Meru. His first touch of the ball at KeMU training field was an indicator that the boy was pure talent and would soon grow in stature. He had amazing footwork, accurate passing, power to switch balls and a rasping shot. As a defender he was also good in the air. After completing his hospitality and tourism course he joined KPL side Thika United in 2018 and he is remembered for scoring the winner in their last match against Gor Mahia. He is currently at Bidco United

Joseph Theuri

Joseph Theuri a captain of KeMU Nairobi campus from the year 2014 to 2016 commendably fit in the big shoes of his predecessors Bruce Mbakara and Ronald Okoth. Ronald Okoth the irreplaceable KeMU midfielder always inspired his team to victory and would later play for KPL teams like the mighty Gor Mahia, Western Stima and Mathare United. Okoth’s football story is like a novel and that’s for another day.  Jacob Abisai the Nairobi Campus games tutor had nurtured a high grade football team. Abisai was the AFC Leopards CEO at the AFC Leopards den. in Theuri was a key member in the 2015 KUSA games and their partnership with Enock Ojode as center backs was fabulous. The two could easily be mistaken for twins since they all had beards resembling a billy goat. They had great understanding and complimented each other fantastically. Currently Theuri is the captain of Sunderland AFC Keroche of Naivasha which is in the Division 2 league.

Moses “Kose” Mweya

A towering center back composed and with a gifted left foot. He was good in reading the game and played the sweeper role dedicatedly. He scored a crucial winner for KeMU against his former team Kangemi All-stars and the price was a punch that he received from Kangemi fc player Kangethe citing betrayal. The drama happened in a split of a second and the referee never noticed any incident otherwise a red card would have been flashed out.   He returned in Kangemi all Stars in the Super league in 2018.

Antony “Bena” Murithi

Good in reading the body language of the opponents and on one situation. Rarely made a mistake and was classic in defending. Short but sure in the air in defending aerial balls. His jumping power and timing was second to none. He played previously for Kambakia Christian Center (KCC) in the 2013 Super league. He is now playing for Division 2 team Meru Mutindwa Bombers.

John “Fanto” Muriki

Started training with KeMU while in form 2 as part of CSR. He is slow but sure. He is great in reading the body language of strikers hence winning balls easily and thwarting attacks.  He played for Kambakia Christian Center in the 2013 Super league. Fanto played a fundamental role in the 2015 Super League for KeMU FC.

Washington Muhande

Both an accomplished center back and full back, he was able to read the game well. He was never emotional on the pitch even when things went out of hand. He was hard to beat on one on one situation because of his great timing and stability. He played for Meru Mutindwa Bombers in the 2018 FKF division 2. He is linked to a move to KPL side Ulinzi Stars.


Sean Opuora

An admirable player with a superb ball control he decorated the midfield. His aptitude and attitude were all in great measures. He was a good passer of the ball and a unique dribbler. Sean was masterful in everything he did and together with Nigerian born Kazeem Adekule and Ian Munene they were a joy to watch.

After KeMU, Sean played for Administration Police before leaving for Bidco United both Super league teams. At Bidco United he has been the captain and second top scorer in the 2018 Super league. The adored midfielder had short stints at AFC Leopards and Sofapaka FC before playing for KeMU.

Kazeem Adenkule

Whenever I see Kazeem play the name Jay JayOkocha rings in my mind. Not only from the fact that they are both Nigerians but from the way Kazeem emulates the former footwork wizard. Kazeem is exemplary on the ball and capable of brilliance at any time including scoring goals. Currently he is playing for fortune Sacco of Kerugoya in National Super league.

Ian Munene

He is a perfect beneficiary of the KeMU CSR. Started training with KeMU while in form 3 at Kibirichia High School that was a force to reckon with in Eastern province.  He played for KeMU in the Mini league in Machakos, FKF Super league in 2015 and the 2015 KUSA finals. He possesses great ball control ability, superb passer and he is an immaculate defensive midfielder. Played for Meru Mutindwa Bombers in 2018 and currently concentrating on his studies in the field of Agriculture.

Abdiaziz Ahmed Noor

Abdi was naturally left footed. He prioritized technique over physic for the obvious reasons that he was not strong physically. He was a creative midfielder and had a great vision.  Started his studies in Mombasa campus, moved to Nairobi campus under the tutelage of Jacob Abisai and later joined the main campus in Meru to participate in the FKF Super league. After KeMU he played for El Mariekh FC of Sudan in the 2016-17 seasons. He also played for Amarat FC also in Sudan. Currently he is the founder of pocket friendly online platform which enables buyers and sellers interact and transact items before the end of their shelf-life (expiry date)

Albert “Manucho” Nsengumureymyi

Passionate midfielder from Rwanda and played an extremely important role in the elevation of KeMU from grassroots’ football into the limelight. Played in the 2014 FKF Division one and Super League in 2015. He is currently in Germany for further studies.

David Ndanga

Popularly known as Davy, the Zimbabwean born was the captain of KeMU FC in 2013 and also voted as the Most Valuable Player (MVP). Always a motivator on and off the pitch Davy has always been a crucial member of the KeMU football fraternity. He is currently working in the Marketing department in KeMU.

Melvin Muthomi

Melvin Muthomi started playing for KeMU when he was a schoolboy in form 3 at Kibirichia boy’s high school. He played in the provincial league in 2013, FKF Division one and FKF Super league. In 2018 he played for Thika united in the KPL.

Kevin “Emeka” Shebi

Shebi was talented with a devastating skill in set piece execution. He is remembered for scoring beautiful free kicks and important penalties. Shebi was always an entertaining player to watch. He loved flair and trickery and led in goal celebration styles. Football to him was like singing and dancing. He was also a good offensive player with perfect crosses.

Calvin “Carzola” Ihaji

Ihaji was a quiet player from Nairobi campus who spoke few words and was the unsung hero of the team. He played a remarkable role in the KUSA National games of 2015. He and Munene played as defensive midfielders while Kazeem was the creative midfielder. After graduating no one knows where Carzola migrated to. We however celebrate him in absentia.


Morven Otinya

The name Otinya in KeMU symbolized goals. Known as Mwalimu because of his teaching career, he had a lightning speed and a terrific left foot. Otinya had great jumping power and scored goals using   his feet and incredible headers. He was good in long throw ins that would easily be mistaken to be corner kicks. Otinya was always reliable whenever it mattered and this made him a permanent asset. After leaving KeMU FC he played for Palos FC in the Super league and became their top scorer in 2016. The goal scoring spree earned him a call up to premier league teams Sofapaka FC, Nzoia FC and Vihiga United. Otinya Played in a friendly match for Harambee stars against Malawi.

Meshack Ochieno

A center forward with stamina and dribbling skills. He was among the top scorers of the 2015 Super league. By the first leg of the 2015 FKF Super league KeMU was leading with goals for as a team. Meshack scored crucial games for KeMU in the FKF league and KUSA games. Played for Strathmore in 2018 FKF division one league.

Antony Onyango

He is a ball player and fine dribbler. Despite his small physique he has a big heart and mind. He is a player with immense creativity and able to score as well as provide assists. Rarely plays rough and never emotional when things are out of hand. Joined Police FC after KeMU and is now playing for Fortune Sacco in the Nationwide Super league.

Cyrus Muaka

Slow but sure with happy feet on the ball. He played the role of a center forward. Good in holding the ball. Scored a couple of goals and comes from a footballing family. Muaka is a smart joker and very humorous out of the pitch and fun to be with before and after the match. Currently he is working in the hotel industry after studying hospitality and tourism management.

Gabriel “Nanaa” Kilonzo

Gifted, passionate, outstanding, incredible, fast, finesse are the best words to describe him. At one point when KeMU were playing at Hope center, AFC Leopards fans after watching him play wanted to recruit him before consulting the then coach Jan Koops. If the fans had a right to recruit then Kilonzo would be in AFC leopards. Unfortunately he told them he was studying in main campus in Meru. Kilonzo scored the most beautiful games for KeMU. Currently pursuing his career as a nurse.

Cleophas Njoroge

Njoroge is very comfortable with the ball and intelligent. He was the best player in KeMU Nakuru campus and was highly productive in the KUSA 2015 games. Currently he is playing for St Joseph Nakuru the second string team of ST Joseph Nakuru that is in the Super League.

Mick Muriuki

Mick had a supersonic speed and good in set pieces. He scored a couple of goals during his time at KeMU. Currently he is working in Nairobi.


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  1. For sure kemu is a home of talents when I officiate opuoria at the super league and what he does it shows he passed through good hands. Mukasa don’t loose hope go deeper for more talents


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