It is easy to find a good worker, a good soccer player or a good hockey player but it is difficult to find someone who can perfectly balance the three. If former Kenyan football legend JJ Masiga balanced football, rugby and his medical profession perfectly, then here in Meru we have our own Edwin Eshapaya who has balanced work in the Police Service, football and hockey excellently. “I do manage both hockey and soccer since I have a schedule to train both. I do hockey drills from 5.30 am to 7 am in the morning then attend soccer training sessions in the evening after work. This ensures that I balance the two” Says Edwin Eshapaya. The youths need to emulate him in balancing sports, work and family life. “Most of the time I am performing my duties as a Police Officer and the little time I have in the early morning when I wake up and in the evening after work I dedicate it to sports” Very encouraging sentiments from Eshapaya.