MUSINGU FOOTBALL LEGENDS: Some of the schools greatest players ever

Football is the people’s game. We live it, we breathe it. This article looks at Musingu football legends. Musingu High School has produced some of the most iconic players in the history of Kenyan football. From Washington Muhanji to Keffa Tasso and Bernard Agunda to Steve Oliech Okumu, the school has a catalogue of history makers and record breakers from different generations that is unbelievable. They are the players we wish we were. Putting a list of 25 greatest Musingu football players of all time is no easy task especially since you are picking out of a massive talent pool in the second most successful footballing team in Western Kenya which is the home of football. There are possibly several omissions from the list which would easily fit in. After days of meticulous research and asking living football “Wikipedia’s” this is the list I came up with.